First Question: How to stay slim?

Losing weight is one thing and how to stay slim is a completely different story. Much of the weight loss programs available focus only on losing as much weight as soon as possible, but once the user is nearing their desired weight, things start to slow down.  They experience a Plateau phase, wherein it becomes very hard to lose weight at the rate they started at.  It is in this phase that most individuals start to go back to their eating habits. At the end, gain the weight back again.

This is the usual sad story for those who have tried the weight loss programs that only promise but never deliver.  Yet all is not lost, there is still hope for all those looking for a way for effective weight management.  The hCG Diet is a program that not only promises but delivers as well.  Through this program, weight management is possible through the use of Weight Loss hCG Drops as a weight loss supplement that naturally activates the body’s metabolism, resulting in you burning calories at a faster rate for optimal weight loss.

Staying on your desired weight with hCG drops

The use of the Weight Loss hCG Drops will have a positive result on the body.  Aside from helping the user how to stay slim, it also has other added benefits like an increased metabolism and suppressed appetite, resulting in fat being burned naturally by the body at a faster rate.

Using this weight loss supplement, users should expect the following effects: daily weight loss starting at the maintenance stage up until the stabilization stage and so on, burn around 4,000 calories per day at the 500 daily calorie intake stage.  Some experience slight dizziness and headaches during the first few days of starting the diet. These are very rare, and if present, very mild.

26-day hCG Program

When using the 26 day kit, expect to lose at least 7 kilos by 26 days. Expect to lose 15 kilos by the 43rd day when using the 43-day kit.  Yet, this is just the start, weight loss will be consistent until you reach your ideal weight.  Can you just imagine how lean you’ll look only after a month of following the hCG  Diet Program?  An added bonus to it is that the Plateau phase is virtually nonexistent. Since the diet program also has back-up plans, named apple day and steak day, you will not be burned out. When you feel that the weight loss is starting to stall to jumpstart you once again to your ultimate weight loss success.