How effective hCG diet is?

The hCG diet has been around for around 60 years and has become really respected. It’s been shown to provide real effect. It could be quite a restrictive diet that excludes a lot of food, but this is exactly why it’s so efficient. The mix of homeopathic drops and a very low calorie diet is the finest weight management program available today. You should consider the hCG diet, in case you are truly serious about weight loss.

Powerful Hormone

hCG is a very powerful hormone. A human body produces hCG naturally. It is also known as human chorionic gonadotropin. A female body produces these during pregnancy. Its purpose is the promotion of healthy absorption and spreading of the ingested food. A woman must eat for two. hCG assures that the ingested food is distributed appropriately between her organism and the baby’s.

One interesting fact about the hCG diet is that it can actually burn fat. A pregnant woman requires lots of energy. This is used for her own businesses and for the baby’s growth and development. If the ingested food doesn’t provide her with enough energy, the hormone ensures that the mother’s fat accumulations are available for transformation into energy. The organism will access various fat accumulations in various periods of life and will burn them to generate energy for work and provision of propitious environment for the baby’s proper growth. Due to the hCG, proper energy levels is supplied to the female body.

When you are following the hCG diet plan, the hormones will be burning the fat, even when the body would naturally shut down and starve. Eating small portions will always result in your organism’s shutdown, but the hCG’s presence in it will signal the brain as if you were pregnant. The brain will have no choice, but it will have to continue supplying your seemingly pregnant organism with energy, generating it from fat accumulation.

hCG Injections

Injections of the hCG as well restore the hypothalamic gland. This gland is responsible for fat storage and distribution. Overweight people tend to have slow-working hypothalamic glands. Their glands can’t spread the fat appropriately and instead store more of it, than needed. The hormone injections impede the hypothalamus to the limited mode. This happens when you’re consuming too few calories. This ensures that you will continue losing weight in spite of following the very low calorie weight loss program.

The hCG diet is proven to be really successful and effective. With this diet, weight loss is a 100% guarantee, if you are strictly following the plan. It is going to be quite difficult to maintain the 500-calorie diet. It is the sole way to shed over 40 lbs. in just several weeks.