What People Are Saying About HCG Diet – hCG Diet Reviews


“I did my first round of HCG in July for 23 days and lost 8.6 kilos. During the maintaince 3-week period I lost an additional 3.6 kilos without drops.

That’s a total of 12 kilos! Now it is December 18th and I am still maintaining that 12 kilos and cannot believe it!”

– Chantell Williams

“Just started the Weight Loss hCG sublingual last Saturday and as of today I have lost a total of 3.6 kilos…my first week!”

– Tami Tenney, Gold Coast

“I absolutely love the hCG drops! I have lost 6.5 kilos in just 23 days! It’s truly amazing, you have to try it :)!”

– Rebecca May, Gold Coast

“I started this at 111kgs, at the start of my 3rd week I am done to 102kgs. Seriously if you have tried everything else give weight loss hCG a try – you have nothing to lose but weight… I have never never had so much energy, I still have a long way to go, but with my bottle of hCG & B12 at my side, I know for the 1st time in my life; Im taking back my life.”

– Catherine Brennan-Gerstel, Mudgeeraba, QLD

“Just want to share with anyone that is thinking about starting the hCG diet. I started three weeks ago and I have lost 7kgs. Loosing weight has been so hard lately because I’m over 50 and going through change of life. I’m only half way but I know I can loose another 7kgs by the time the course is finished. It’s been the only diet that seems to be working for me. So give it a go!!!!”

– Maria Rendina, Sydney

“5.1 kgs down in 15 days. This stuff is unbelievable. Feeling great”

– Ennaelaloha Pearl, Mooloah Valley, QLD